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My first real unexplainable UFO experience!

Me, my wife, my daughter and 6 of my neighbors, and some of their family saw strange, flickery, pinkish-orange lights cruise rapidly accross our Miami night sky.

They were the color of sodium vapor street lights, but flickery like a candle flame in the wind, and silent. Their size was comparable to four venuses and shereical, or viewing a standard street soduim vapor light from 600 feet away.

They went at a very high altitude, from the NE toward the SW diagnally accros our sky then as they were 3/4ths of the way accross they curved slightly more to the West as they seemed to climb out of sight, into space till they seemed like very faint stars then dissapeared.

The first one was all by it’s self and vanished toward the W-SW, then a minute or so passed, then three more appeared toward our NE spaced about a mile or two appart following each other in the same path. The sky was mostly clear with very small cumulus clouds sparsly sprinkled about, but one of these three passed through one cloud illuminating the cloud like a flare, not like a landing light of an airplane with the beam like headlight effect.

Before the last of these three could disappear into space toward the West, another three rose toward our NE, also taking the same path but two of these turned brilliant lipstick red for a few seconds, one even a little purplish, then individually each returned to their sodium vapor flickery color as they passed directly over my home, as the last one was over our home one more rose in the NE tagging farther behind the rest it to followed the same path to only raise out of the atmosphere into space and disappear amongst the stars to the SW- West.

Estimated speed for their altitude over 2,000 mph.

I called non-emergency Miami-Dade police to report it and the officer said she was receiving a multitude of calls from about the city on the same lights.

Jay Baldwin