Cynthia Crawford

Cynthia Crawford was born a twin, but with totally different blood and tissue type than her sister and the rest of her family.

 Her father worked on top-secret missions for the OSS; and she remembers being taken to underground military medical facilities for testing and examinations during her childhood, also enduring numerous alien abductions, examinations and impregnations, as well as miraculous healings.

Her life changed dramatically after learning she is a hybrid from a government experiment, and she decided to consciously face the other worldly beings who were abducting her. She was awakened to the mission that brought her to this planet at this very special time in history. Cynthia is known as the “ET Sculptor” of beings she and others have encountered. She says these Star Beings work through her putting their own frequency in the sculptures to help awaken people to their own truths. She also devotes her life to teaching how we are all connected to these beings, and the lessons they have taught her thAdd an Imageat can change the world for the better.

Excerpt from the soon-to-be-released book ”Lessons from the Galactic Family and the Masters”

I began making sculptures of other worldly beings, extraterrestrials, from other planets in the Universe back in 2003 while taking a pottery class at a nearby community college.  The class had been over booked, and while waiting endlessly for my turn on one of four pottery wheels, I found myself making an alien-hybrid baby from memory.  Have I gotten your attention now?  What I didn’t realize then was that this was the beginning to a new adventure into communication with not only beings from other worlds, but with my Guides, my Higher Self and Masters of the Universe.  Within a few years, I was actually selling my sculptures at conferences while also experiencing even greater lessons and phenomena than I had ever imagined.

Soon after that, I began doing speaking engagements sharing my life-time experiences of alien abductions, missing pregnancies and feelings of victim-hood, followed by the flip side; the miraculous healings and incredible teachings that would forever change my life.  Yet the greatest lesson of all was the TRUTH of who I was, why I am here on Earth, and about a mission I was to complete.

For the most part, the audiences were spellbound by what I shared.  People asked me if I had written a book about my life, and when I said “no”, they even insisted that I get busy NOW and write one.  I never felt that my story was important enough to write down, and yet there I was sharing it in my talks.  Then one day my Galactic Family and Masters told me that I needed to teach others how to find their own TRUTHS.

So, here is my book, perhaps my first and my last in one.   I don’t know.  I only know that by sharing my story, I hope I am able to help YOU awaken to your own TRUTH, not mine and not any one else’s but YOUR TRUTH; how to stop being a follower, a groupie, and be in charge of your own life; realize how all beings throughout the Universe are connected to the same Source/Creator-God, and why our Galactic Family communicates with us as a “collective”.

It’s time you know why YOU are here and what YOUR true purpose on planet Earth is, and why YOU matter so much.  So, let us begin on a trip that will EMPOWER YOU and maybe even open your mind to things you never dreamed possible.

“My Beings do not allow me to make any sculptures that are not of the LOVE & LIGHT, for all of the sculptures carry this frequency and I am not allowed to bring darkness into this world.” – Cynthia Crawford